PUBG Arctic Mode: First Impression and Survival Tips [2020]


Pubg Arctic Mode is the latest advancement in Tencent one of the best games. The very popular Pubg saga continues to move in this lockdown phase as well. In my opinion, the latest mode is enough to lock them up at home. It has all the fresh vibes with twists and turns will take their time to experience it all.

Another point to be noted is Pubg Arctic mode is launched on a free update. Who knows Tencent made this step for the success of Lockdown. In any case, the developer must be appreciated for their creativity and fresh approach towards the legendary game. This time you can eat chicken dinner virtually as a part of the game.      


What’s New in Pubg Arctic Mode

Coming towards the main point there are several fresh twists that hit the game in the latest Pubg Arctic Mode. The new model is planned in the cool breeze of the Vikendi map is enough to examine the survival capabilities of every player.

This time snowy Vikendi has two special features that were demanded by Pubg Mobile players long ago. The first feature is the availability of snowboards that empowers you to roam around snowy landscapes at lightning-fast speed using the snowboard. 

Many Call of Duty fans will find the second feature pretty similar. Yeah, you got it right this time you guys are equipped with drones. This extension made it easy to surveillance opponents and act accordingly. Keeping an eye on opposite contender helps in making a better retaliation. Hence, increasing excitement to the next level. 

My View & Tips on PUBG Arctic Mode

Played just after the release of Pubg Arctic Mode on Thursday. It’s true that the new mode will give you immense pleasure & joy but there are some tricky points. Yes, without being familiar with them it’s hard to understand what’s going around. No need to worry as you are at the right place and will get my tips from my personal experience to enjoy the game.

To play the new mode you can simply find that on the Vikendi map or the same can be found on the main page as well. While playing Pubg Arctic Mode you have to take care of body temperature. Due to cold conditions, the body temperature will fall resulting in decreasing the health conditions of the player.

Temperature meters are displayed on their screen will inform any decrease in body temperature. To maintain body temperature just use the resources given in the game. These are light fires, shelters to hide from snowstorms one can also loot others to increase their amenities. I will keep updating the post with new tips in the near future.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q- What is the releasing date of Pubg Arctic Mode?

A- The Pubg Arctic Mode is released on 16 April 2020 with a beta mode released in February.

Q- How to play Pubg Arctic Mode?

A- Everything is the same as other pubg modes but here you have to maintain body temperature. Keep it on the hotter side by eating cooked meat, chicken. There are other resources available as well like fire flares but the one I mentioned is the simplest to perform.

Q- How to get good Quality Pubg Wallpapers?

A- 4k Pubg wallpapers are available on the website. These exclusive wallpapers can be used on mobile, desktop, and Macbook.

Q- What are the new items introduced in Pubg Arctic Mode?

A- As always new Pubg mode introduced with new inventory items including tree branches. The branches are used as fuel for the fire, A warm pack that will maintain the temperature of the body for a limited period of time, Remote control drones to scout the area, A Heater that can be used to warm a limited space.


That’s all for today, the information given here about Pubg Arctic Mode is enough to prepare yourself. Yeah, the tips and experience will help you to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner but don’t forget to have roast chicken while playing. This will keep your body warm.

Do not forget to mention your experience after playing the Pubg Arctic Mode in the comment box below. Our team of experienced writers tries their best to provide you with a well-researched piece of information as earliest as possible.


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