Pubg Mobile apk : Download latest Pubg Mobile apk with 1.2 global version update


PUBG Mobile apk: Hey gaming enthusiasts,  Raise your hands if you were eagerly waiting for the latest Pubg mobile apk so that you can own its 1.2 global version update. Oh yes, You can put it down, We know if you have landed here then definitely you are an ardent lover of this engaging game. So Keep calm, as we are here again to satisfy your cravings for this game. Just scroll down and discover everything here.

One thing worth noting before we start is that PUBG Mobile has finally released with the latest 1.2 global version update, and the internet is already flooded with a lot of questions and links regarding the same, but how many of them actually work? Or they really work or a part of some scam? Usually, we got stuck between these two questions, but here we are for your rescue. We have intended this post so that you can get genuine information regarding it.

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So without wasting your time much, let us start :

If we say that PUBG mobile gamers are on cloud nine right now, then there is no exaggeration here. After the great success of PUBG mobile, makers are leaving no stone unturned to encash its popularity and releasing its new versions on a regular basis. Now makers have come up with a trailer of recently released PUBG MOBILE 2 which is actually PUBG: New State that has also started its pre-registration process. And you know what people are liking it crazily and the game has received millions of hits already, isn’t it amazing?

The new karakin map is the latest addition which has amazing artifacts and acting as a strong player for the makers in terms of popularity. Gamers now can download the apk file from the official website of PUBG. But if you want its apk, then there is a quick guide we are going to present, follow the instructions given below and get your hands-on experience of such an amazing game.

Download the latest PUBG Mobile apk global version

PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051 and brings new vehicles, weapons, new maps, and more. Follow this quick user guide here –

Step 1: Go to PUBG Mobile’s official website and download the APK file of the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update

Step 2: For this click on the ‘APK Download’ option so that the download can start.

Note: The size of this apk file is 613 MB, but if you want to download it in less space, then you can select the storage, accordingly it will take place. But make sure one thing that your device must have sufficient storage.

Step 3: Now if downloading has completed then you have to start the installation process. For it click on install the file, locate it properly according to your device storage and start installing it.

Note: Don’t forget to enable the ‘Install from unknown’ source option before installation.

Step 4: After doing the installation,  go and open your game and select the resource pack as per your requirements. You can pick anyone like low spec or HD resource pack.

After downloading the required resource, you can enjoy playing the game with its latest update as you have Pubg mobile apk in a ready state to use.

But one thing worth noting here is that you may get a message stating an error while parsing, but don’t panic and re-download it and follow the steps mentioned above.

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Steps to enable installation from unknown sources to download Pubg mobile apk?

  • Go to settings
  • Move to Safety and Privacy tab.
  • Now click on “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  • And guess what you are done.

What can you expect from the latest version update apk?

  • Greatly, it has come up with an exclusive patch – FAMAS. FAMAS is basically a new rifle in the Runic Power Update. It can be added with a rifle Muzzle, Scope, and a rifle Mag, as attachments.
  • FAMAS will have 5.56 mm ammunition with 25 rounds. 
  • Ultra HD – 4K building textures and water reflection effects.
  • New lobby user interface.
  • It will offer the fastest rate of fire, isn’t it great?

Livik Improvements:

  • New Weapon: M1014
  • Art and Graphics Improvements
  • Stage Balancing
  • Bug Fixes

Conclusion :

PUBG Mobile 1.2 first came in January and from that time, it is ruling the hearts and there is no coming back after that. Every day the game is coming with amazing updates in maps, graphics, modes of game, game replay, characters, weapons, and what not?

You can download the game from the play store as well, but since the file is quite large in size so usually gamers recommend downloading its apk as it occupies less space and it is easier to install.

So what we have done is that we have prepared step by step guide for you to download apk of the global version. The steps are the same, even if you are playing on an older version. What you have to take care of here is only that the game you have selected is the one you wanted.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are not allowed to play in India. It was banned by the Indian Government due to some security issues. So it is not advisable to play the game by using any unfair means if the access to the game is restricted at your geographical location. PUBG, one of the most prominent games of the era is facing some legal issues, but we can expect that the issues will be resolved soon and users will get access to it freely.

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Final words :

Hey readers, thank you for coming so far in order to know about pubg mobile apk, We really appreciate your patience. I hope I have answered your all queries related to the PUBG Mobile apk. If you still face any difficulty, then don’t take tension, we are just a text away. go to the comment section below and put your queries here. We will be happy to assist you there.

We will keep posting such updates for you on regular basis. Follow for this and stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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