Typhoon Tv Apk Latest v2.2.6 for Android and Firestick Device [2020]


Typhoon Tv Apk is a leading app that effectively allows you to watch the latest movies and shows. No need to have streaming apps like Netflix, Tv Tap Pro, etc As Typhoon Tv Apk streams it all. Time to move on as old-world apps are no more good and can make you a victim of hacking or phishing.

Netflix Premium Apk is available on the site but I will still recommend Typhoon Tv Apk. As it streams all the exclusive content available on any app. All the streamings done are with crystal clear picture and crisp sound. No charges to pay its free and cherry on the cake no ads too with 100% safety and security.        

What is Typhoon TV APK?

Typhoon Tv APK is a one-stop app that allows you to watch the latest movies and shows for free. The app doesn’t irritate you by repetitive pop-up ads on the other side it is 100% safe and secure app. Typhoon Tv Apk is the best app to stream videos with blazing fast speed. If you are unable to use due to location issues use a VPN to enjoy endless entertainment.

Features of Typhoon TV APK

Some of the highlighted features of Typhoon TV APK are as follows:-

  • New Movies & tv shows updated regularly on the app.
  • Subtitles available that make it easy to understand despite their language.
  • A user-friendly interface is another reason to use the apk.
  • You can download any video, So it can be used in the absence of an active internet connection.
  • Typhoon Tv Apk supports several languages that are Bengali, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, English etc.
  • All content available on apk is in HD quality only.
  • Use any Player to watch videos as Typhoon Tv Apk supports all third party players.
  • Cast your favorite video as it supports Chromecast.
  • A smart search helps to find any video within seconds.
  • Favorite, Trending tab helps you to check directly what is trending nowadays etc.
  • The light ware app doesn’t require too much RAM making it suitable for budget or low-end phones.

How to Download Typhoon TV APK on Your Android Smartphone?

Anyone can download Typhoon Tv Apk simply by following steps given below:-

  • Hit the download link given below in order to save the apk on your device.
  • Do not forget to download MX Player Pro by using it you can play the videos.
  • If a pop-up appears to enable download from unknown sources to successfully install apk on your Android device.  

  • As soon as the installation completes the app icon will appear automatically in your device menu.
  • Tap that app icon in order to open it.
  • Fulfill the details required to register yourself on the app.
  • To play video choose MX Player before using it fulfill detail here as well. 
  • You are all set to enjoy movies and tv shows on your Android smartphone.


How to Download & Install Typhoon TV APK on Firestick/Fire Tv?

You can also use Typhoon TV APK on your Firestick/Fire Tv just like your smartphone. To use it on Firestick/Fire tv simply follow the steps given below:-

Step.1. Go to the main menu and select the Settings option.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.2. Select the Device or My Fire Tv icon.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.3. Select developer option and enable apps from an unknown source.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.4. Now select the apps from an unknown source and turn on.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.5. Now press the home button of your remote to go back for home.

Step.6. Go with the search option as I showed in the below image.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.7. Use your remote again and click on the Downloader option.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.8. Now install the Downloader application.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.9. Open the Downloader app in firestick.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.10. Allow Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your firestick device.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.11. Go to the settings and enable the javascript as I showed in the below image.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.12. Select Browser option from the left sidebar.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.13. Type and Enter the given URL: bit.ly/34XgIHC manually and hit the go button.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Step.14. Wait a little while until your Typhoon Tv Apk file is downloaded.

Typhoon Tv Apk

Setup.15. Once the download is complete, the installation system window will open in front of you.

Step.16. Go with the Install button.



Step.17. Hit the open button and start running Typhoon Tv Apk on your Firestick or Fire TV.



Step.18. Typhoon Tv Apk is all set to be used on your Firestick. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-  Typhoon Tv Apk will need to root my device.

A-  No, Typhoon Tv Apk doesn’t require any device root.

Q-  Do I need to add a blocker to use the apk?

A-  As Typhoon Tv Apk is an ad-free app and doesn’t require any adblocker.

Q-  Can we use Typhoon Tv Apk on budget devices?

A-  Typhoon Tv Apk is a light ware app and requires only 15MB memory that is suitable for any low end or budget devices.

Q- What are the charges to use Typhoon Tv Apk?

A- The apk given in the post is completely free. Enjoy the stream without paying a single penny from your pocket.


As many streaming apps are not working due to heavy traffic in this quarantine. No need to worry as Typhoon Tv Apk is all set to provide quality video streams. I will come up with many interesting apps to enjoy yourselves during this quarantine. Do not forget to mention your experience with the app after using it. 

Also, mention any issue not covered in the post, Our team will try their best to provide a researched piece of information in our upcoming post. Till then stay home stay safe.


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